We believe in the potential of young people

Melisa, Product Owner & Developer

How is YABS as a workplace? YABS really is like a family, everyone is incredibly helpful and looks out for each other. What I like most is that there is always room for development. For example, I get to go on training courses and have books paid for as part of my continuing education in the profession.

Daniel, Backend Developer

How do you feel you have developed during your time at the company? I joined YABS right after graduation and during my time here I have gained my first experience of what it means to work in IT and as an engineer. I have developed my ability to work on larger projects and learned a lot in everything from programming to leadership.

Masar, System Developer

What attracted you to the consulting industry? I thought it was a good opportunity to build on the experience. You have the opportunity to try out different companies, tasks and industries and also get to know new people and build up my network.

Make Work a Happy Place

YABS is a young consultant company where you’ll be a part of a culture that offers projects with fun clients and a place where we learn from each other. Colleagues that soon become friends, creating a space where everyone is accepted and appreciated for their differences.



“It is fun that we have a good cohesion within the consulting group. We play some games together when given the opportunity. In addition to Smash, we have board game nights every other week.”


"YABS invests and believes in us consultants and gives us new challenges to tackle."


I really have a lot to thank YABS for when it comes to my career. I got a lot of help finding my niche and working purposefully towards that goal.”