Customers within


Examples of customers are Ericsson, Telia, Tele2, ComHem, Telenor, and Tre


Examples of customers are Scania, Volvo, and Bombardier

National Defence

Examples of customers are Saab, FMV, and FOI


Examples of customers are SEB, If, Nasdaq, and SBAB

Public Administration

Examples of customers are the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Enforcement Authority and the National Police Board.

Medical technology, healthcare & pharmaceuticals

Examples of clients are Maquet, Elekta Instrument, AstraZeneca and SLL

Games & entertainment

Sylog works with a large number of players in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Working as a consultant at YABS

YABS is a consulting company specializing in programming. As an employee you will work on projects for our clients with various technologies.

We have in-house teams where you will be based in our offices and work in a team together with both senior and junior employees. We see this as a great first step after your studies as it will be a soft start and a chance to add to your CV. We have these projects both in our offices in Kista and in Liljeholmen.

If you have experience or feel up for a challenge, you can go directly to the customer. Where you work as a consultant at the client's office.

The length of assignments varies from person to person. However, assignments between 1-2 years are common. You control much of this yourself.

Other Projects

Bachelor thesis 2021

How do you verify that you have created a new system that has the same functionality as the original? This is what Fredrik Öberg and his fellow student Magnus wanted to find out in their Bachelor's thesis

- We wanted to contribute something that could be used in practice. Together with Rasmus, who was our supervisor at YABS, we came up with a topic that would fit: formal specifications. We were also curious about the programming language Rust, which could be combined with this topic, says Fredrik.

The topic of the thesis (which lasted 10 weeks) was formal specifications, where the question of whether it is possible to use this tool to transfer functionality from the C programming language to the Rust programming language had to be answered. It was hoped that the use of formal specifications would increase the certainty that the transferred functionality would follow the original.

BiznizTools 2018-22

YABS connects and the app becomes a reality.

By chance, Lars-Göran (founder of Bizniz Tools) meets a Sylog consultant at an event in 2017. They start talking. The consultant then told them about their offering and specifically the subsidiary YABS that might be able to take on the task of further developing the BIZNIZ TOOLS app. Said and done. Lars-Göran and Lars put together a brief for how the app was supposed to work and in December 2018 the development work kicked off. From the start, three consultants and a consultant manager from YABS were involved in the assignment. Today, three years later, the app is available for download for iOS and Android. At YABS, a dedicated team is working on the continued development. The members of the team vary over time and many of the consultants at YABS have been involved in the development of the app.

Bachelor thesis 2018

This thesis has been done to automatically classify client reviews to determine if a review is positive or negative.

This was dealt with by machine learning. Three different deep neural network were tested on greater and lesser datasets, and compared with the help of two different frameworks, TensorFlow and Keras. Different embedding methods were tested on the neural networks. The best combination of a neural network, a framework and an embedding was the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which used the word embedding method Word2Vec, was written in Keras framework and gave an accuracy of approximately 88.87% with a deviation of approximately 0.4%. CNN scored a better result in all of the tests in comparison with the two other neural networks,Recurrent NeuralNetwork (RNN) and Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN).