We believe in the potential of young people

Amanda, Developer

What attracted you to consulting in the first place? There is a great variety in terms of different assignments. When I went to YABS directly as a new graduate, I did not know in what type of industry I wanted to work in and as a consultant there is the opportunity to test and explore both different employers and assignments, which also gives more experience in different areas. 

Molham, Developer

What is YABS like as a workplace? YABS is a rewarding and fun place to work. Most people are young, which creates a pleasant communal environment. You feel included regardless of background, interests or experience. In addition, we have a number of senior colleagues from various sister companies who contribute a lot of experience and knowledge. YABS is also very good at organizing activities such as monthly meetings, sports activities, and fun conferences.

Jenny, Developer & Team Lead

What is the best part of YABS? For me, who is unsure of what job position I want or what industry I want to work in, the possibility to try different things and build experience is really valuable. As a consultant I don't expect my job to become stagnant either since there's always something new to try. What makes YABS great is that I get both this, along with a really wonderful community that makes you feel confident even as someone young and new to the IT industry.

Make Work a Happy Place

YABS is a young consultant company where you’ll be a part of a culture that offers projects with fun clients and a place where we learn from each other. Colleagues that soon become friends, creating a space where everyone is accepted and appreciated for their differences.



“It is fun that we have a good cohesion within the consulting group. We play some games together when given the opportunity. In addition to Smash, we have board game nights every other week.”


"YABS invests and believes in us consultants and gives us new challenges to tackle."


I really have a lot to thank YABS for when it comes to my career. I got a lot of help finding my niche and working purposefully towards that goal.”